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Pest Species Affected Can we defend against this pest organically?
Hemlock Woolly Adelgid hemlock YES!
Sudden Oak Death oak, maple, rhododendron... YES!
Emerald Ash Borer ash YES!
Bronze Birch Borer birch YES!
Southern Pine Beetle pine YES!
Anthracnose oak, maple, dogwood... YES!

The list goes on...

A pro-active plant health care strategy is the
best approach for your valuable trees.

Pest and Disease Diagnosis
The key to an effective and economical plant health care plan is that your needs be assessed properly. We can survey all the elements of your landscape and identify pests, diseases, or deficiencies that may be present and create a customized plan to suit both your needs and your budget. We may recommend any one of our other services, or combination of services to bring your landscape into a state of balance.
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Arborjet Microinjection System
Appalachian Tree Care is proud to be the first Certified Arborist in the Southeast to use this revolutionary device to treat hemlock trees for the devastating pest, the Hemlock Woolly Adelgid (see other section on the HWA). This system places a precise dosage of pesticide directly into the sap of the tree, where it is systemically carried throughout the tree. This tool is effective at delivering a range of specialized treatments from fertilizers, to fungicides, and pesticides. We Use both Arborjet Hydraulic Gun and the Tree I.V. system, depending on the application.
Arborjet Website
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Tree, Shrub and Plant Spraying
Oftentimes, when a specific or persistent pest is present, a direct application of a non-toxic spray is the best remedy. Foliar spraying of liquid fertilizer, compost tea, plant wash, and other solutions are other forms of spraying we often suggest for the whole garden and landscape. We use state-of-the-art sprayers which allow us to spray very thoroughly, and accurately, maximizing the effectiveness, and efficiency of the treatment.
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Soil-Injected Liquid Fertilizer
We offer an organic fertilizer program which is unmatched in Western North Carolina. Rather than drench your precious lawn, flowers, landscape, or garden with poisonous chemicals, let us bring you a batch of organic liquid fertilizer teeming with potent, soil enriching products like: kelp, liquid humates, fish emulsion, and organic chelates.
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Call today for a free assessment of your tree preservation or organic soil conditioning needs at (828)733-1968. Or email us, or Use Our Online Request Form.

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